Appraising & Consulting Services in North Carolina

Our firm offers expert personal property appraisals for equitable distribution, charitable gifting, insurance and divorce purposes.

In addition, all qualified appraisal reports are USPAP (uniform standard of professional appraisal practices) compliant certified and individually designed to meet our client’s needs. Our appraiser has a strong background in antiques and collectibles, as well as rare and historic items. AppraisingPlus has extensive experience working with individuals and the professional community.

We pride ourselves on meeting deadlines and are blessed to have 100% customer satisfaction.

Written Appraisals include:

  • Appraisal report(s) with detailed identification and photographs
  • Explanation of the basis for the report
  • Explanation of any limiting or contingent conditions that affect the valuation
  • Qualifications of the appraisers and consultants used
  • Client confidentiality

Available upon request:

  • Report customization within the general rules and code of ethics of appraising
  • Tagging of items as identified in the report
  • Expert court testimony

Inventory services:

  • Basic – Photographs and item name only
  • Standard – Photographs with a short description
  • Deluxe – Photographs with detailed descriptions

Expert Witness services:

  • Testimony in defense of written appraisals
  • Litigation support in areas of expertise


  • Consultations to examine, evaluate, and express an informed opinion concerning current value, condition and marketability. A consultation is NOT an appraisal and is not to be construed as such.