Appraising & Consulting Services in North Carolina

Our consultations provide clients with the opportunity to collaborate with one of our professionals before initiating a project. Oftentimes, clients require expert guidance to determine the specific appraisal services necessary for their assignment. Leveraging our extensive experience, expertise, and knowledge of personal property, our professionals play a pivotal role during these consultations, helping identify the precise services needed. Sometimes, a consultation with one of our experts is all you need to discern your next step. The fees associated with developing a USPAP-compliant appraisal report can be both time-consuming and costly, potentially unnecessary. Sometimes, a consultation with one of our expert professionals is all you need to determine what to do with your property. We prioritize listening to your needs and providing only the services that efficiently achieve your goals. Schedule a consultation to learn more about how a consultation appointment can benefit you.

Appraising Plus professionals have extensive experience working with individuals and the professional community. We promise to do any and all due diligence in getting you the most honest and fair evaluations possible for your property.

Consultation Services

We pride ourselves on meeting deadlines and are blessed to have 100% customer satisfaction.


Written Appraisals include:

  • Appraisal report(s) with detailed identification and photographs
  • Explanation of the basis for the report
  • Explanation of any limiting or contingent conditions that affect the valuation
  • Qualifications of the appraisers and consultants used
  • Client confidentiality

Inventory services:

  • Basic – Photographs and item name only
  • Standard – Photographs with a short description
  • Deluxe – Photographs with detailed descriptions

Insurance services:

  • Written appraisals
  • Conflict and dispute resolution services
  • Litigation support in areas of expertise
Appraising Consultant


Consultations provide our clients with the opportunity to have a simple, professional appraisal of their belongings without the fees associated with a complete, USPAP compliant appraisals. This keeps expenses manageable for our clients and gives them a better understanding of what they have before engaging our company to conduct a complete appraisal. Our professionals assist clients in determining their next step to examine, evaluate, and express an informed opinion concerning current value, condition and marketability.

Sometimes a consultation with one of our expert professionals is all you need to determine what to do with your property.

Online Sales Gallery & Auction Service

We offer clients the opportunity to leverage our extensive network of collectors, specialty selling sites, and licensed auctioneer communities to determine the optimal venue for marketing and ultimately selling their collectibles for fair market value. We selectively accept consignments of estate personal property, unique collectibles, coins, stamps, weapons, first edition books, and more. Our diligent approach ensures that we ascertain the current market interest and pricing for all consignment treasures. Acting as your agent, we only accept consignments that have a strong likelihood of selling in today’s market environment. While it’s exciting to feature interesting items in our store, as licensed auctioneers, our team has access to unique auction sites and professionals nationwide who specialize in finding new homes for your treasures. North Carolina auction houses are a great place to sell your personal property, but sometimes seeking quality auction houses nationwide can provide better results for our clients. Every client’s situation is unique, so reach out to us, and together we can determine whether our company is the right fit for you.