Recent Personal Property Appraisals in North Carolina

Each picture (s) below represents personal property selected from different appraisal project reports completed this past year.  We have been serving the North Carolina community since 2007; successfully providing a myriad of appraisal services. There are very few collectibles, antiques, silver, books, weapons, coins, baseball cards, 20th century vinyl records, historic items or furniture that our firm has not evaluated in the past.


19th Century Drumhead English Quality Clock

Insurance Appraisal Purpose: Client retiring and moving personal property to Florida. Featured Item

Drumhead tall case clock in very good condition sold by a Boston company in the 19th century. The clock has a temperature compensation precision mercury enclosed weighted pendulum which helps regulate the time during weather changes. This tall-clock has the merchant mark “A. Stowell & Co, Boston” engraved on the face and a paper company logo adhered inside to the clock. Stowell & Co. was a jewelry retailer located in Charleston and Boston, Massachusetts during the 1800s. Beginning in 1822, three generations of brothers provided jewelry, silverware, hair ornaments, fans, and opera glasses to New England. The company was in business until 1905.

The clock is a 19th century drumhead English quality clock and most likely made in England and imported to the United States. It was a popular gentleman’s regulator. The clockmaker was not determined. There is a silver plate located in the tall-case that reads A.D. Putter and it appears to refer to some patient pending. This clock was manufactured after 1868. The clock is a 7-day two train mechanism with a bell strike. The case and mechanisms is in fine condition. The mercury pendulum appears to be an open glass vial with a metal top. The clock has been professionally serviced.

Turkish Prayer Rug

Appraisal Purpose: Fair Market Value Estate Appraisal, one item highlighted rom Estate

Among the most famous types of Turkish rugs are Ghiordes, Kulah, Bergama, Ladik, Anatolian, Melez, Kirsehir, Oushak, Sivas, Tulu, Kayseri, Hereke, Borlou and Konya. This early 20th century wool prayer rug is a Melez and is in very good condition.

19th Century Stoneware Jug

Appraisal Purpose: Insurance Replacement Value, one item from appraisal report.

This is a 2 Gallon 19th Century Stoneware Jug w/ cobalt foliated decoration, Somerset, American/ New Jersey; Mid/ Late 19th Century. Ht.14 1/4″; D. (base) 8 1/2″. The jug shows a thick lip with an applied handle. The handle is decorated with a line down center and thumb mark to end. There is a stamped impression, which shows “Somerset”. The Somerset Potters’ Works was located in Mercer County, NJ- mid to late 1800s. The condition is very good.

Vintage Jewelry by Modernist Designer Aaron Rubinstein

Appraisal Purpose: Client would like to sell personal property and is interested to knowing what the fair market value is currently. Jewelry selected from appraisal report.

The property is vintage jewelry by modernist designer Aaron Rubinstein. Mr. Rubinstein was born in Poland in 1928 and fled to Siberia with his family to escape the Nazi occupation. He lived in Israel prior to moving to the US where he settled with his family in Cincinnati, Ohio where he and his wife, Rachel founded Modern Art Jewelry, a company which made sculpture as wearable art.

Rubinstein’s jewelry is readily available on the internet.

The fair market value of the amber ring is X and the blue onyx ring is X. Both pieces were created in 1998.

Included with this grouping is two free form necklaces one has an amber stone and the other has an onyx stone.

All of the pieces are signed and dated. The metal used is silver.

The fair market value using recent sales data indicates a value of X per necklace.

17th century “Bargueño” Type of Spanish Desk

Appraisal Purpose: Fair Market Value for private museum sale.

The property consisted of a 17th century “Bargueño” type of Spanish desk originating in Renaissance Spain. The desk has a folding cover, which has been decorated on the exterior with metal applications (open-work, textile background) and bow handles with central lentil. It stands on a base of the type called “foot bridge” by the shape and decoration of the central chambrana. The interior of the desk is equipped with small drawers, pigeonholes, for storing papers and supplies. This type of desk was the most common one but of an undoubted quality both in appearance and in the chosen materials. It appears to have limited restoration or condition issues. However, the furniture professional from the selected auction house should do a thorough evaluation regarding any restorations, which will have an impact on the price, it will receive during the sale. The pictures I reviewed did not indicate condition issues.

I reviewed over 100 Barguenos that have sold or are currently for sale on the open market which aided me in determining the fair market value.

WW1 German Hand Painted Beer Stein

Appraisal Purpose: Insurance Replacement Value, item highlighted was selected from recent appraisal.

Two Imperial WW1 German infantry soldier hand painted beer steins. These 0.5L porcelain stein features a front panel depicting a German port city scene. The side panels depict maneuvers. The brightly colored graphics are highlighted with hand-detailed buttons. The pewter lid features a seated infantryman hoisting his flask. The porcelain steins is impressed with an intaglio located on the inside bottom of both mugs and can be seen using an ultra violet light. The impressions are weak.

I am making the assumption based on inspecting the details of both mugs as well as other documents on these two mugs that the steins are authentic.

Asian Porcelain Jar

Estate Appraisal Purpose: Fair Market Value of personal property belonging now to beneficiaries. Clients thought it was an original valuable Asian Jar.

Asian porcelain jar, round ball form, with outside depicting one red fish design painted decoration, lid missing. The jar is showing signs of age. Possibly the jar may be from the Qing Dynasty era but the vase is unsigned and the fish motif drawing is crude. It is my opinion that the jar is poorly painted and perhaps trying to imitate a Wucai “fish” highly collectable and often a copied design. I am not a Chinese porcelain expert but based on my experience, I am unable to certify this jar as an original piece from the Qing Dynasty. I do not believe the investment of additional funds to scientifically determine age is worth doing. It appears to be a fair copy.

George III Two-Part Bookcase Secretary

Appraisal Purpose: Charitable Donation to UNC Rams’ Club

This is a George III two-part bookcase secretary circa 1790 in overall very good condition. This mahogany secretary exhibits normal wear, shrinkage, mars and blemishes consistent with age and use. It shows some veneer loss. The upper part is a bookcase with glazed glass doors opening to slide out adjustable shelves above a fitted secretary desk. The secretary with a drop lid opens to a desk that shows small drawers with storage pigeonholes. The desk has an embossed leather insert. The lower part of the desk includes 2 recessed paneled doors opening to 2 drawers over 2 larger drawers. The secretary is raised on bracket feet. Overall measures 90 1/2″ h. x 49 1/2″ x 24 1/2″.

Beulaville’s First Post Office

Appraisal Purpose: Charitable Donation of a Historic Post Office To Town of Beulaville, NC

The one room building is said to have been the first post office for the town of Beulaville and was built around 1873. The building is a 16’ x 14’ wood structure with a metal roof. Pictures are attached and will show details about the historic post office. The condition is very good for the age. I am told Calvin Thomas, a relative of my client, was the first Postmaster in the 1870’s. It is my understanding that the gift of the post office is intended to help create a historic district. The building is to be exhibited at the town common area along with some other historic buildings.

Early 19th-Century Belgian Oak Expandable Dining Table

Consultation Visit: Assist client in determining fair selling price.

Early 19th-Century Belgian oak expandable dining table which is featured above. The table sits on cross stretchers connected to four baluster-turning legs. The condition is very good. Does show marks, wear and scrapes.

The best approach, which was used to establish fair market value, was the sales comparison approach, which involves assessment of your table with similar items that have sold on the open market.

The personal property below represents highlights from different appraisal project reports completed before 2020.


Appraisal of Clock Collection with Work Shop: Fair Market Value Appraisal; 2017

Consisiting of  repair parts, tools, several tall clocks, Dutch Zaandam  Zaanse wall clock, Reguladora Portugal tall clock case (non-working /non-original parts), and over 100 different wall, Alarm and mantle clocks.




Miscellaneous Collection; 2017


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