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Located in the Triangle area of North Carolina, Appraising Plus has been providing residential inventory appraisal services for over 15 years. Whether your project involves divorce, insurance, downsizing, equitable distribution, whole house inventory, or estate planning, our firm has the experience and proven track record to not only meet but exceed your expectations while consistently meeting client deadlines.

One of our most sought-after services is our specialty in inventory services. Today, clients increasingly recognize the immense benefits of having a comprehensive inventory of their personal property included in their estate, whether in anticipation of their passing or in preparation for unexpected life events. Both the professional community and families alike understand that procrastination is the primary obstacle preventing the creation of a current inventory while in good health. Unexpected life events can arise, and without an up-to-date estate plan and personal property inventory, families can find themselves in challenging situations.

Consulting Services – Inventory Services

In North Carolina, our firm has been involved in projects stemming from natural disasters, death, divorce, downsizing, and equitable family distribution, where no personal property inventory or estate plan existed. Recreating such an inventory after an unexpected life event can be a daunting task. Delaying the creation of a current personal property inventory only exacerbates the situation, proving both unhelpful and costly to those tasked with picking up the pieces after such an event.

When you reach out to Appraising Plus regarding estate inventory appraisal and valuation services or insurance issues, we will schedule a consultation to delve deeper into your project’s specifics. Let us assist you in better preparing for potential tragedies or natural disasters.

Pricing is always based on the amount of time required to complete a client’s project. We prioritize listening to your needs and providing only those services that will efficiently achieve your goals.

At Appraising Plus, we strive to fully comprehend each client’s objectives when appraising and valuing their estate. For instance, estate planning for divorce may necessitate more intricate inventory valuation services, whereas downsizing or other purposes may not demand such detailed reports. Throughout the Triangle area, Appraising Plus has assisted numerous senior clients in understanding the value of their possessions when transitioning to a smaller home or retirement community. This, in turn, has empowered them to make informed decisions regarding what they require in their new space and to consider gifting cherished items that would not work in their new space to loved ones.

Personal Property, Design Services & Estate Appraisal Services

Appraising Plus makes every effort to understand each client’s objective when having their estate appraised and valued. For example, estate planning or divorce requires more complex inventory valuation services while other purposes, such as downsizing or other reasons may not require such detailed reports. Appraising Plus has helped a large number of senior clients throughout the Triangle understand the value of their possessions when moving to a smaller home or retirement community. In turn, this has allowed them to make more informed decisions on what they need in their new space.

Aside from offering appraisal and valuation services, Appraising Plus has professionals on staff who can help you create your next dream space. Even if your new space may offer similar services, our talent and deep understanding of your treasures allows for a more personal and tailored experience for our clients. Our Design Group will approach your project, large or small, with professional eyes and innovative solutions. Additionally, take advantage of our concierge move service that can take care of your entire move so that you walk into your new home with everything professionally organized, designed and ready for you to live. Whether divorce, downsizing or estate planning reasons require you to seek our services, Appraising Plus can handle your project.

Consulting Services – Estate Executive

Below are just some of our team of professionals’ credentials:

Professional Education

International Society of Appraisers, (2010 & 2016 Re-qualification on Appraisal Studies)
Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP Qualified &
Current; 2010, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2020, 2023): Required for all appraisers
Graduate Personal Property Appraiser, National Auctioneer Association
Graduate Mendenhall School of Auctioneering, High Point, North Carolina
Appraiser as an expert witness workshop, Roger P. Durkin, J.D, Atlanta, GA
Bachelor of Arts, Modern Foreign Language Area Studies, Kenyon College,
Gambier, Ohio

Foundation for Appraisal Education, Dallas Auction Gallery, Dallas, TX (2017) Workshops & Seminars: CEU Annual Requirements

  • Collecting Civil War artifacts and currency
  • Evaluating vintage comic books & original comic art
  • Frederic Remington Bronzes, a technical analysis
  • Techniques & approaches to fine art conservation
  • Historic cabinet woods
  • Charitable contribution appraisals
  • Estate planning with art & collectibles
  • Authenticating designer purses & scarves
  • Art forensics & value: masters to modern & contemporary works of art
  • Valuing minerals & fossils
  • Current state of the archives market
  • Quilt appraising methodology
  • Identifying forgeries of Chinese Buddhist sculptures

Foundation for Appraisal Education, Freeman’s, Philadelphia, PA (2016) Workshops & Seminars: CEU Annual Requirements

  • Why fakes matter: authenticating American furniture
  • Online auctions & fake art
  • Faking furniture in the twentieth century and beyond
  • Impostors: faking faces on portrait miniatures
  • Case law for art fakes
  • Catching fakes, frauds and alterations
  • Pennsylvania German Fraktur: from A to Z
  • Pueblo pottery & current market trends
  • Embroidery: the language of art
  • Most dangerous imitations: Chinese export porcelain fakes
  • Connoisseurship in American Furniture
  • Watches: Luxury or Lie: methodology for identification of counter fit
  • luxury watches
  • Knoedler on trial: lessons learned from lawsuits against America’s oldest
  • art gallery

Foundation for Appraisal Education, Quinn’s Galleries, Washington, DC (2012, 2013) Workshops & Seminars: CEU Annual Requirements

  • Identifying & valuing Southern furniture
  • Do’s & don’ts of ivory, horn, bone and endangered species
  • Current trends & value of Asian art & artifacts
  • Tax court & appraisal expectations
  • Valuation of contemporary glass
  • Forensics of oil paintings
  • Art pottery, a representation of good, better and best
  • Religion and furniture in the Southern back country
  • Good, bad and the ugly in American painting
  • American stoneware: its history & uses (1812-1900)
  • Ten ways to tell a fake painting without looking at it
  • Chinese export for the American market (1785-1940)
  • Whitehall at the Villa Antiques, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Workshops & Seminars: CEU Annual Requirements

  • Fakes and frauds of the 19th & 20th centuries
  • Modernist & post-modernist silver
  • Analysis & authentication of antique furniture
  • Wood analysis and identification
  • Identification and evaluation techniques of prints and oil paintings
  • Hot and cold in the Asian market

International Society of Appraisers National Conferences, (2010, 2011, 2015, 2016): Workshops & Seminars: CEU Annual Requirements

  • 2016: Apprising in a landscape of change
  • 2016: Making sense of the market for fine art and decorative arts
  • 2016: Creating opportunities with clients, their collections & estate
  • planning professionals
  • 2016: Advanced methodologies employed in the DIA valuation
  • 2016: Asian turbulence & market upheaval
  • 2016: Appraising international art & collectables
  • 2015: IRS expectations and requirements for appraisers
  • 2015: 20th century design: why markets rise while others fall
  • 2015: Unique appraisal circumstances
  • 2015: Researching provenance for the fine & decorative arts
  • 2015: Case studies, effect of provenance on value in the decorative arts
  • 2015: The effects of conservation, restoration & repairs on value of period furniture
  • 2015: Today’s Tiffany market: current trends, values and authenticity
  • 2015: Identifying & valuing Chinese furniture & decorative arts

Professional Designations

International Society of Appraisers (ISA)-earned not active
Graduate Personal Property Appraiser, NAA (GPPA)
Elizabeth Stifel Kline Foundation, Trustee
Licensed North Carolina Auctioneer (NCAL #8954)