Inventory Appraisal & Valuation Services for NC

Based in Durham, North Carolina, AppraisingPLUS provides residential inventory appraisal services for many purposes. Whether divorce, downsizing or estate planning reasons require you to seek our services, AppraisingPLUS can handle both whole-house and partial-house inventories depending on your specific needs. Personal property appraisals are also beneficial in natural disaster planning. If your home is damaged during a fire, flood or storm, having a full appraisal report on record will make insurance claims much easier to manage.

When you contact AppraisingPLUS about inventory appraisal and valuation services, we will set up a consultation to discuss your project in more detail. From there, AppraisingPLUS will conduct a walkthrough of your home and create an individualized plan based on your objectives.  We can include anything from valuable collections to everyday items and furniture pieces. All reports are tailored to the client’s requests and range from a basic inventory to a detailed appraisal valuation report. Pricing is always based on the amount of time required to complete a client’s project.

Personal Property & Estate Appraisal Services in NC

AppraisingPLUS makes every effort to understand each client’s objective when having their estate appraised and valued. For example, estate planning or divorce requires more complex inventory valuation services while other purposes, such as downsizing or other pro-active reasons do not require such detailed reports. AppraisingPLUS has helped a large number of senior clients throughout the Triangle understand the value of their possessions when moving to a smaller home or retirement community. In turn, this has allowed them to make more informed decisions on what to take with them and what to leave behind.

Aside from offering appraisal and valuation services, AppraisingPLUS partners with experienced local interior designers and organizers, CK Home Design Group, who can help you create your dream space. Whether you need interior design, redesign or organizing services, CK Home Design Group will approach your project, large or small, with professional eyes and innovative solutions. Their home staging services prepares your home for sale and gives it a competitive edge when on the market. Additionally, they offer a concierge move service that can take care of your entire move so that you walk into your new home with everything professionally organized, designed and ready for you to live.

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