The Charitable Appraisal

I thought I would share a few comments regarding the process of creating a charitable appraisal for a client.  I often get phone calls from individuals who have an interest in donating a “collectible” to a university, charity or church.  For illustration purposes, I will discuss a recent appraisal I did for a client who… Read more »

Is “journalism” dead?

News, news to show government overreach / needless laws, or just lazy reporting, which is it, you decide. Is “journalism” dead? It is clear to me that often we assume what we read or hear in the news is based on truth or at least some.   If it is in writing, it must be accurate…. Read more »

New Blog!

Hi folks! Just got the new AppraisingPlus blog started! We encounter many unique and interesting items every day and would love to share them with the community. Check back for more updates soon!