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John C. Kline, GPPA, ISA
Appraiser & Auctioneer

Original Illusions
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Durham, NC 27707

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Steinway & Sons Upright Piano -- Charitable Donation

Cockshutt Tractor Charitable Donation  -- $12,200

Restored vintage 1948 Cockshutt 30 tractor serial #14019.  Cockshutt was a large tractor and machinery manufacturer, known as Cockshutt Farm Equipment Limited, based in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. In 1947, production of the Model 30 hit its full stride when 6,263 were built. Thus, the Model 30 was the first modern production tractor built in Canada. The high water mark of production of the Model 30 was reached in 1948 when 10,665 tractors were made and marketed across Canada. Vermillion Red in color, with cream white wheels and lettering on the tractor. The Model 30 was powered by a 153 cubic inch engine made by the Buda Engine Company of Harvey, Illinois.


Sterling Silver Insurance Replacement

Wallace and Towle Vintage Sterling Silver Insurance Replacement.

John F. Kennedy Hat, gift by hatmaker Allan Webb

Rifle and Crossbow Collection

Gun Collection 2!

Kitchen Donation --- $9k

Athletic Equipment --- Valued at $15k

Chinese Collectibles

North Carolina State University Charitable Gift --- $10k Wine Cooler